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Is there much difference these days?? By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. * Depending on your box model, Settings will be on the last tab on the Main Menu or in a cog in the top right corner of the screen. I ordered a new Seagate ST500VT000; when it arrived I started to suspect it wasnt factory-fresh Put it in the box, but couldnt get Maintenance mode, just a blank screen even after an hour. Ive replaced the power pack but makes no difference. This orientation of the box might affect the passive cooling of the other components, possibly improving it! That's why we have an automatic standby mode. Thanks for the installation guide. Excellent guide which I used to replace the failed drive in my BT youview box. Thanks seems not enough praise. NORMA12. Watch Shop Bd, Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publie. Thanks for the advice worked like a dream got a WD 500Gb WD5000LUCT on ebay for 29.95 inc del. Can an ST3500312CS be used in place of the ST500VT000 as have seen these advertised also for PVRs. If you are bothered about BT hobbling your box, an idea I think is ludicrous, don't connect it to your router. If I buy a new dtr t2110, and follow your instructions to swap my existing hd into the new box, can I save my recordings?Im BT TV Box Not Working. Id rather try everything before I replace the disk. YouView is now the OS behind the BT TV, TalkTalk and Plusnet set-top boxes. A red light should appear on the box, Press and hold the down arrow on your remote until you see the Enter Maintenance Mode Y/N (Y:POWER)prompt. Tried all maintenance mode options. I got the box working again got into the maintenance menu and selected the first option. Getting Ultra HD What content is available in Ultra HD? Or is there a message on the TV screen? Place the PCB back in the bottom half of its casing. I read your very clear article/instuctions,easy to follow bought a new hard drive the same as original (ebay)as recommendation.Start to finish 30 minutes,worked first time.So from a box that as due for the bin is now better than newmany thankswill check out your website again. Thank you so much for these instructions! var BooklyL10n = {"csrf_token":"c45bda60d8","today":"Aujourd'hui","months":["janvier","f\u00e9vrier","mars","avril","mai","juin","juillet","ao\u00fbt","septembre","octobre","novembre","d\u00e9cembre"],"days":["dimanche","lundi","mardi","mercredi","jeudi","vendredi","samedi"],"daysShort":["dim","lun","mar","mer","jeu","ven","sam"],"nextMonth":"Mois prochain","prevMonth":"Mois pr\u00e9c\u00e9dent","show_more":"Montre plus"}; wfscr.async = true; I had a similar problem. margin: 0 .07em !important; My box got into the loading loop and beeps several times after switching it on. We just replaced ours with a spare Intel SSD and its up and running again. Everything else will continue to work perfectly. The network reaches approximately 790 million viewers a month across India . when in fact I have the anytime call package and when I asked for the anytime call package to be removed I was told that if I did that or indeed if I made any other change to my broadband or call package it would initiate a new contract (wrong again!). Ordered a new Toshiba 1TB HDD, which was delivered today. After some trial and error work out that the disk needs to have a fat32 format partition for the box to be able to recognise it! Is it possible to subscribe to bt tv if you dont take there broadband ? " /> All rights reserved. "source": "", Hopefully that will be good for a couple of years and then Ill replace it with a new one. Sometimes, you may experience weak signals due to poor weather. Registered in England. Software reset and factory reset still failed, taking me back into maintenance mode. BT Player only available to BT broadband customers. They have nothing to do do with the functionality of the actual YouView box itself. Thanks! so I put in a clean 320HDD (cleaned with diskpart). The box light will turn blue, Turn the power on using the switch found on the back of yourset top box. Will NEVER go back. HDMI - After this, you're going to want to connect both the audio and video of your TV to your Youview box. YouView boxes cannot receive all of the Internet-based channels that are available on Freeview, although it does receive some of them. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { #masthead { margin-bottom: 381px; } } Followed direction to eBay to get a Seagate 500gb New replacement hard drive , and was delivered next day (thanks to eBay ). Yes if its a used disk it doesnt need formatting, it just needs any partitions deleting. Disney Star Private Limited is an Indian media conglomerate owned by The Walt Disney Company India subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. And I shall soon be switching my broadband and landline over to Vodafone Gigafast - Im just waiting for my street to be cabled - so theres no point in renewing my BT contract.I was told by the BT customer service agent that if I wished to cancel my BT TV service I would need to give BT 30 days notice (pretty sure thats wrong!) Im curious about fitting an SSD. Unfortunately it turned out that it wasnt the HDD causing a T4000 to enter a Maintenance Mode spiral-of-death. I then turned it all off for a minute and then back on. Gently align and tighten the four hard drive screws. Using Ultra HD See all Set up results Was this helpful? body.custom-background { background: none !important; } #content { background-color: #EAEAEA; } var logHuman = function() { Does this post mean a BT customer can keep the BT Youview box when their contract is up? Thanks for the quick response and here are some related questions.. And that's with anytime calls to non-premium numbers. We need to access Maintenance Mode from the start up screen. Much better than landfill. Have followed all the instructions above and only getting a waking up screen on repeat. Thanks for the update Steve. }; Any ideas? egregiously misleading and I suspect deliberately so, in order toobfuscate people rather than enlighten them. Seagate ST500VT000 drives were fitted as an alternative to the WD drives in some boxes. Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publie. 9h22 04-06-2019 The wording of the email reads like a demand not an optional choice and there is no mention at all of adherence to electrical waste regulations or recycling etc. Many thanks. Glad you got your YouView box repaired Ray! Put the bottom back on the box loosely and turn the box upright again. Went to 101, no picture, then an error popped up (YVM607). YouView TV Ltd 2023. Can you get the Enter maintenance mode Y/N prompt on screen, and then press power? Are you able to temporarily move the YouView box nearer to your router so you can complete the setup with it plugged directly into the router with an Ethernet cable? Works fine now. Not sure what box model you have? The 320GB HDD in my neighbours Talktalk DN372T failed. document.removeEventListener(evt, handler, false); To help this run smoothly, make sure: Your box is plugged into the mains and the power switch on the back is switched on. I have factory reset with saved recordings and still not fixed. Check your box has a stable connection to the internet. Find great local deals on second-hand satellite & cable equipment for sale in G327UY Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. Just replaced youview box hard drive following your easy to follow instructions. You can now lift out the old hard drive, carefully sliding it away from its connector, and fit the new one which is available new on eBay here. 10h30. My box hadnt failed completely but was malfunctioning, unable to play back or use the apps, and I guessed it was a corrupt hard drive. Thanks Russell. Had a beeping BT DTR T2100 box which wouldnt load past the start up screen following a power off and on. . Great instructions! BT's YouView boxes let you seamlessly watch live or on-demand TV across multiple services, including Netflix, iPlayer and NOW. var removeEvent = function(evt, handler) { USA & International; Australia; Canada; France; Germany; Italy; Repaired my box. A few black screens as it reboots, but if you are patient it gets there. Discover the great features of our smallest TV box from BT. 11 and it clones hdds ssds and NVME ssds too. The PCB is covered with a heatsink/RF shield. BT Vision+ Pace DiT7431/052B Box. Very clear instructions. /*